With the Corona Virus being a high risk factor in our daily living, we have to look at the way we live more carefully keeping ourselves, our families, our children and our staff and customers safe and Sanitized. Whether you own a business, run a school or want to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your own home. We offer a cost effective door Sanitizing system that is suitable for your individual needs and requirements. With South Africa moving forward towards level 3 and practicing social distancing, wearing masks and sanatizing, this will be the best time to install the door sanatizing system to reduce the risk of infections.

Simple and cost effective door Sanitizing spray unit with a 10 litter storage container and none slip mat. Three options available. This is for a standard door. 

1. Basic Door Sanitizer: R2250. 00
2. Remote Door Sanitizer: R2600.00
3. Sensors Door Sanitizer: R4050. 00